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SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Huarencun.com offers our customers a warranty
that is specified on each item in the appropriate warranty section.
Take advantage of Huarencun.com's Satisfaction Guarantee, Customer
agrees to comply with Huarencun.com's Product Return Procedure. Any
breach of Huarencun.com's Product Return Procedure will result in the
loss of Huarencun.com's replacement/return guarantee. Furthermore, all
return shipments not in compliance with these instructions will be
WARRANTY - Huarencun.com warranties all products except those
explicitly listed on the details page of our web site. Please consult
the product page of your item and warranty section for more
Huarencun.com does not manufacture products sold by Huarencun.com. The
products may, however, be covered by the individual manufacturer's
warranty, service, and support policy (if any). Huarencun.com assigns
and passes through to the Customer any warranty of the manufacturer,
and Customer acknowledges that it shall have recourse only under such
warranties and only as against the manufacturer of the products.
Huarencun.com makes no representation or express warranty with respect
to the product except those stated in this document. Huarencun.com
disclaims all other warrn=anties, express or implied, as to any such
product, inlcluding and without limitation, the implied warranties of
merchantablity and fitness for particular purpose, and any implied
warranties arising from statute, trade usage, course of dealing, or
course of performance.
LIMITATION OF LIABILITY - In all circumstances Huarencun.com's maximum
liability is limited to the purchase price of the products sold.
Huarencun.com shall not, under any circumstances, be liable upon a
claim or action in contract, tort, indemnity or contribution, or other
claims relating to the products which exceeds this liability limit.
Huarencun.com shall not be liable for third party claims for damages
against the customer, or for malfunction, delays, interruption of
services, loss of business, loss or damage to exemplary damages,
whether or not Huarencun.com is apprised of the possibility of such
claims or damages.
PURCHASE PRICE - The Buyer agree to pay the total purchase price as
specified on the final page of Checkout. In addition, the BUYER agrees
to pay any sales or other taxes levied on or measured by such purchase
price, or arising from the use of the product(s) and any parts or
maintenance supplied, including without any limitation, any additional
sales, use, gross receipts, privilege, excise, and personal property
taxes unless specified in writing on this document.

INSPECTION - The BUYER shall inspect the product(s) at delivery and
shall notify Huarencun.com of any defects or discrepancies within 1
BUSINESS DAY of receipt of product(s).
LIMITED WARRANTY - Huarencun.com offers no warranty other than the
expressed warranty offered by the manufacturer, or the warranty listed
on the this page. During this period, Huarencun.com will replace all
merchandises proved to be defective during the specified warranty.
However, Huarencun.com will not warranty any product that has been
subjected to improper freight handling/shipping, abuse.The warranty
also will not cover product(s) with OPENED SEALS.

15-DAY RETURN PERIOD - We accept returns or exchanges 15 days from
original purchase. Your original receipt is required for all returns,
exchanges and warranty services. All returns and exchanges must be in
original condition and include all accessories. Huarencun reserves the
right to deny any return.

MERCHANDISE RETURN PROCEDURE - Should a product fail during the
warranty period, certain procedures should be followed for
Huarencun.com to serve the BUYER efficiently:

Complete the Huarencun.com RMA Request Form, or contact Huarencun.com
Support to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number. RMA
Number will only be issued by phone service or e-mail. The RMA number
is valid for exactly 10 business days beginning the day it is issued.
It will be automatically Voided if defective merchandise has not been
received by Huarencun.com within these 10 days. Any merchandise
returned without an RMA Number will be refused and returned at the
BUYER?S expense.
All returned products must be packed in the original packaging.
(Improper packaging may Void warranty.) No Advanced Warranty
Replacement is available, unless purchased on last section of shopping
cart. Huarencun.com reserves the right to return any OPENED products
and without notification should the BUYER ship an INCOMPLETE product
to Huarencun.com?s RMA Department.

To receive credit, product(s) that are eligible must be returned
within the refund period of that item. All products must be returned
in like-new unopened original sealed condition, including original
packaging and all documentation and accessories. Arrangement for a
return must be made within 15 days from the purchase date, a 15%
restocking fee applies to all refunds. Products that are defective can
only be returned for repair/replacement. Additional charges will be
applied if an INCOMPLETE product (including all parts, manuals,
accessories and warranty cards) is returned to Huarencun.com.

Huarencun.com will not accept items that have been physically damaged
or misused. Products that are defective and/or DOA (Damaged on
Arrival) can only be returned for repair/replacement.

Huarencun.com does not offer cross ship services.

Shipping fees are non-refundable. If you return any item marked as
'Shipping Included' or 'Free Shipping', you will still be charged the
'SHIPPING DISCOUNT' fee as a non-refundable shipping charge.

DEFECTIVE ON ARRIVAL (DOA) - For all 'DOA' products, the BUYER is
required to call for an RMA Number within 7 days from the receipt

The BUYER agrees to pay all Huarencun.com's cost related to the
collection of any sum due, including internal expenses and all
reasonable legal fees and expenses incurred.

ENTIRE AGREEMENT - This document constitutes the entire Agreement
between the BUYER and Huarencun.com. It is intended as a complete and
exclusive statement of the terms used in this agreement and no course
of prior dealings between the parties and usage of trade shall be
relevant to supplement or explain any items used in this agreement. No
agent, employee, or representative of Huarencun.com has any
authorities to bind Huarencun.com to any affirmation, presentation, or
warranty concerning the product(s) sold under this Agreement. This
Agreement may be modified or rescinded only by written instrument
signed by the parties hereto or by their duty authorized agents.
Waiver by Huarencun.com or any provision hereof in one instance shall
not constitute a waiver as to any other instance.
Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice